Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Hallowen Decorations and Crafts

I got most of these ideas from and from ...

A fun pinata idea for Halloween

This wreath was made from a feather boa and googly eyes.

I think this is a face craft to make with kids -Halloween masks.

Use Con-Tact paper to make these foot prints.

Put colored vellum to fill the glass vases and vinyl faces on the outside.

Use Con-Tact paper cut outs to make these ghosts.

I love the idea of putting these bats on a creepy background picture. It would be a good idea to enlarge a few pictures and laminate them so you can reuse them every year.


I think this is the cutest party favor.

They used wires inside the licorice to get it to stay in place.

Ring toss on a witches hat would be a great Halloween activities for kids.

As a party favor guest could grab a fortune out of this crystal ball.

Mummy bowling is another great Halloween activity for kids.

A Treat Tree

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