Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Halloween Craft Ideas

Another Nap Time Craft... "My husband cut the base wood for me (2"x4") and I bought the 2" blocks at Michaels. It took me forever to figure out the numbers for each block. I knew I needed a 0, 1, and 2 on each block, but the rest of the numbers left one number without a side. It took me a while, but then I found that the 9 and 6 would be reversible as the same number (so I had to choose a font that the 6 and 9 worked out as the same number.

Here's a pic of the vinyl I cut out for the blocks:

Then, paint blocks, sand the edges to distress them and cut and mod podge them to the blocks.

When attaching the vinyl letters (you could also use regular paper and glue them on) make sure the 6/9 number is on a paper square that doesn't have writing or an image that can't be upside down.For the base block, I distressed it with black ink from a stamp pad - then applied mod podge to all 3 pieces to seal the vinyl and paper."

I found this idea through Two Peas in a Bucket . . . She uses 16 paper strips that are 1"x6" . . . but for some reason, I couldn't get 16 of the paper strips to work. They kept overlapping eachother, and it was too crowded. So I took a few off and ended up using 12 strips for each pumpkin. Then wrapped it with wire and a ribbon to finish it off.

I got this idea from Nap Time Crafts... "I'm loving this banner more and more. . . but I needed some way to separate the words, so I cut out a bat template and used interfacing to make it more stiff and hand stitched the wings to the blocks of fabric on either side."

Another Nap Time Craft... "I made this board out of a scrap piece of wood from another project
painted it green with a purple stripe cut the vinyl on my Cricut applied some black ink to distress it added a clear varnish coat on it to seal it in and make it shiny twisted some hooks into the top and attached ribbon so I can hang it **I also found the "bewitched" font online and used that for the words."

Another Nap Time Craft. "These are the paper mache letters from Jo-Anns . . . I mod podge'd Halloween scrapbook paper to each letter, sanded the edges lightly to distress the paper a bit.Then I embelished them with stickers and ribbon.I also made wooden letters for "SNOW" "

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